The Works Plan

Home Services In St. Paul, MN You Deserve “The Works”

We are a team of home service experts who go the extra mile to ensure peak performance for your home’s heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and drains. We take pride in giving our customers, our team and our Community “The Works” – this means doing more,training more, and delivering more than any other home service company in the Twin Cities. We are proud to offer the Greater Minneapolis Area’s most complete home services plan. “The Works Plan”

Protect your investments with home care check-ups. Our “The Works Plan” provides plumbing, heating, and air conditioning tune-ups twice a year. For only $14 a month (normally $25 per month), our members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Priority Service
  • 10% discount on service repairs
  • Up to $2,111 in money savings coupons
  • Reduced diagnostic fees and service charges

Plus you’ll also receive a Drain and Flush on your water heater every year!

Sign up for “The Works Plan” today. Our special $14 per month offer is only available for a limited time! Call us at (651) 300-4415 for expert home services in St. Paul. We serve customers throughout the Greater Minneapolis Area.

Reduce Your Energy Costs with The Works Tune-Up

During your air conditioner tune-up we will:

  • Increased home safety
  • Lower Utility bills
  • Extend system life
  • No breakdown guarantee
  • 10% savings on repairs

By taking the time to make this appointment, you could save up to 25% in energy costs and reduce the chance of breakdowns by 95%!

“The Works Plan” Keeps You Warm in the Winter

With “The Works Plan,” you may reduce your energy costs by up to 16% and prevent up to 70% of furnace repairs

Proper Plumbing Maintenance is in “The Works!”

A leaking toilet or a dripping faucet can waste up to 50,370 gallons of water per year. You can save on your water bill and rest assured that your plumbing is working smoothly with annual maintenance.

Our Plumbing Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Testing drinking water
  • Checking water pressure
  • Checking washing machine hoses
  • Checking all faucets for leaks to ensure proper operation
  • Checking all drains for proper flow
  • Draining and flushing your water heater
  • Checking garbage disposals
  • Dye testing toilets to check for leaks and ensure proper operation
  • Checking and labeling all emergency shutoff valves
  • Checking all under sink traps and shutoffs
  • Checking the main water meter
  • Checking all outside spigots
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