Why is A/C Maintenance Important?

If you own a car, you want it to last. Nobody wants to be broken down on the side of the road because something that they ignored went wrong. So what do you do? Simple: maintain it. Whether you choose to change the oil, check your fluids, and replace your brakes on your own or you have a mechanic do it, maintenance is an important part of car ownership. The better care you take of your car, the longer it will last and the better it will run.

The same is true for your air conditioner: the better care it receives, the longer it will last and the more efficient it will operate. Thus, air conditioner maintenance is an extremely important part of owning an air conditioner. On this blog, we’ll go over just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive from having your air conditioner properly maintained by a St. Paul air conditioning service expert.

What Does an Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Entail?

Air conditioner maintenance involves a few important services. First, and perhaps the most important, your maintenance service includes a thorough inspection of all of your air conditioner’s many important components to check for wear and tear, damage, or any other possible sign of a developing problem. When you don’t have the knowledge or experience of working with air conditioners, spotting these problems can be difficult, which means the trained eyes of a professional are invaluable in this regard. By conducting this inspection, your air conditioner technician can let you know about any problems that are emerging so you can plan ahead. In some cases, they can even give you an estimate for fixing the problem on the spot so you don’t have to stress about it in the future.

A maintenance service also includes some simple tweaks and fixes that will have your air conditioner running smoothly and cleanly all summer long. This includes things like cleaning your air conditioner’s coils, removing dust and debris from the cooling fins and straining out the bends, greasing or lubricating the fan and blower motors, tightening all electrical connections, and topping off any refrigerant levels that might be low. By doing these things, your system will be in top shape and ready to provide you with cool, refreshing air all summer long.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

A maintenance service has a number of benefits that make it a valuable investment in the health of one of your home’s most important and relied-upon appliances. Here are just a few of them:

  • Better Efficiency

A system that’s clean and well-tuned will be able to maximize the heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home, thus creating more cool air. More cool air means your system won’t have to run as long or as often in order to reach your preferred temperature, nor will it have to turn back as often on in order to keep you cool and comfortable. Less operating time means less energy burned and a much lower likelihood that your system breaks down over the course of the summer months.

  • Improved Reliability

As stated previously, a maintenance service includes a number of minor tune-up tasks that will have your system running as smoothly as possible. Not only does this lead to better functionality and improved energy efficiency, but it also means your system won’t struggle to operate through dirty coils, slow bearings, or motors that are simply wearing out. As a result, you’re far less likely to experience a breakdown and thus won’t have to call us for a repair service.

  • Warranty Adherence

Most modern air conditioners that are under warranty actually require you to have your system maintained at least once a year in order for the warranty to remain valid. Thus, having your system maintained is actually an important part of making sure your valuable investment is still protected from unexpected failures or breakdowns that can cost a fortune to fix. When you go to file a warranty claim for your system, the manufacturer will likely request copies of your maintenance records to ensure you’ve followed through on your part of the warranty agreement, so make sure you keep the maintenance record you receive on file until your warranty expires.

  • Save Money

When you add together the fact that your system will be more efficient and use less energy to help you reach your goals, you could save significantly on your energy bills each month—potentially even hundreds over the course of summer. Plus when you consider you likely won’t have to call for an emergency repair due to an unexpected breakdown, you’ll save even more. And if you do somehow have to call for a repair, the fact that you’re still within your warranty also means you’ll save. When you could save so much, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of one of these services?

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