Carrier Ductless AC

HomeWorks Provides the Best Options for Carrier Ductless AC Systems

At HomeWorks, we are proud to be ductless AC pros. There are numerous advantages to switching to ductless, and one of the best ways to do this is with a Carrier ductless AC system. Fortunately, our St. Paul ductless AC technicians are fully equipped with all the tools and technology to successfully install a Carrier system in your home or to replace your old system with a brand new one ASAP. Call now to upgrade to Carrier ductless air conditioning, and find out why older and newer homes trust HomeWorks when it comes to all things AC.

What a Carrier Ductless AC System Can Do for Your Home

Since 1902, Carrier has been one of the most trusted names in the HVAC world. With their ductless AC units, you will be able to enjoy greater cooling relief, without any additional costs.

Benefits of Carrier ductless air conditioners include:

  • They offer more consistent temperatures: It’s common for most houses to have warm and/or cold spots that simply do not get as much air from your system as they should. But with ductless AC from Carrier, you will be able to get more comprehensive relief, ensuring everyone in your home is comfortable and you achieve greater temperature consistency from room to room.
  • They are great for additions: If you are thinking of putting in a new room or have recently expanded your property, Carrier offers a variety of ductless options to suit sun-rooms and add-on spaces.
  • They can help improve your finished basement: If you have a finished basement or are thinking of putting one in, Carrier offers high-wall and recessed ceiling units to help keep your basement stay just as cool as the rest of your property.
  • They are energy-efficient: Carrier ductless systems come with up to 30.5 SEER ratings, so they are extremely energy-efficient. This means your ductless system from Carrier can help you cut down on your monthly cooling bill—potentially even making up the cost of installation in just a few short years!
  • They are more powerful: Carrier ductless AC systems continue to deliver cooling and dehumidification power in temperatures up to 130 degrees, so no matter how hot it is outside, you never have to worry about your ductless AC unit providing you with adequate relief.
  • They are customizable: One of the biggest advantages of Carrier ductless systems is the customization they offer, allowing users to set personalized comfort settings based on the preferences of everyone living in their home.
  • They are ENERGY STAR® certified: Many Carrier ductless units are ENERGY STAR® certified, signifying that they are not only less expensive to run and energy-efficient overall, but also better for the environment, and release fewer greenhouse gases.Speaking of which…
  • They are better for the planet: You can also purchase a Carrier ductless system that uses washable filters, and runs on environmentally-friendly R410 A refrigerant.
  • They run quietly: Carrier’s ductless systems are known for their quiet operation, and are perfect for spaces where a need for silence is paramount.
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