Is A/C Maintenance Worth It?

You may be asking yourself, is it worth it to schedule an A/C maintenance visit for my cooling system? The simple answer is YES! It is crucial to ensure your home has the comfort it needs after a long Minnesota winter. Due to lack of use, your A/C system has accumulated dust and debris which may inhibit its performance. If you fail to book this service, here’s what may happen to your comfort this season…

1. Heightened Utility Bills

One major benefit of routine maintenance is that it helps regulate your utility bills by ensuring your system is operating efficiently. When you fail to perform maintenance, it puts strain on your system, causing it to overwork. When this happens, monthly bills rise, wasting money that could have been saved.

2. Frequent Breakdowns

Maintenance helps ensure your system can run properly all season long. When you neglect your system, it is susceptible to breakdowns and can end up costing you in repairs. Make sure you are avoiding this by scheduling your maintenance now!

3. Minor Issues That May Turn Costly

When you book a tune-up, our team will help catch minor issues before they turn costly. This means our team can recommend repairs and tips that will ensure your system is running smoothly moving forward.

4. Decreased Lifespan

Regular maintenance ensures you get the most out of your A/C system. When you fail to maintain your system, your system could lose years of life, which may result in investing in a new system before the 10 year period.

Here at HomeWorks, we are often approached with the question “is A/C maintenance worth it?” and our team always answers with a unanimous YES! By ensuring you are staying up to date on your maintenance, you will reap the benefits of comfort that WORKS for your home.

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