Best Thermostat Settings for Spring

Homeowner adjusting thermostat

Heating and cooling your Minnesota home takes a good amount of energy and money, no matter the season. As spring approaches, boosting your home’s indoor temperature can reduce expenses and keep your furnace or boiler from running as often.

Here are our favorite tips for managing your thermostat as the days grow longer and warmer.

Turn to the Sun

When you want to retain warmer inside air during the winter months, it’s good to keep your curtains and blinds closed. But as the temperatures rise, it’s best to leave them open to allow the sun to heat your house naturally. This is especially true in south-facing rooms that get the most direct sunlight. Doing so lets you run your furnace or boiler less often, which leads to some nice savings on your heating bills. However, do keep closing the window coverings at night to keep in the heat.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

As the warmer spring temperatures heat your home, give the furnace a break by setting your thermostat to a lower setting. A programmable thermostat that adapts to the often unpredictable temperature changes we experience during Minnesota springs makes the task a whole lot easier.

As the Twin Cities area gets deeper into spring, you’ll need your furnace less, and you might not even need to turn the heat on while you’re away from the house or sleeping. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that instead of turning the furnace off completely when spring arrives, set it at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The suggested settings throughout spring are:

  • Sleeping or relaxing at home: 68 degrees during cooler weather and 78 degrees during warm weather.
  • Away from home: 60 degrees during cooler weather and 85 degrees during warm weather.

Ultimately, the important thing is to set the thermostat at a temperature that makes you comfortable and provides the proper humidity levels.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Once you stop using your home’s heating system completely, it won’t be long before you need to use its air conditioner. Before you do, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance that includes changing the filter and cleaning out any accumulated dust or debris. Also, if you have an older AC unit, spring’s the best time to discuss with one of our HVAC technicians if it’s time to consider installing a new system.

By preparing your air conditioner to work efficiently come summer, you not only ensure your home has unrestricted airflow, but you can also look forward to energy savings through the hotter months.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

There’s no perfect temperature that everyone agrees on! But investing in a programmable thermostat that automatically controls your home’s temperature can help. You can set the thermostat to change your home’s temp at specific times during the day. Best of all, you can manage everything remotely from your smartphone or tablet. For instance, while commuting home, you can program the thermostat to turn on and start heating or cooling your house about 10 minutes before you arrive.

Want even greater control over your home’s comfort? An energy-efficient ductless AC and heating system provides targeted heating and cooling, tailoring the temperature in every room of your home to the comfort preference of its occupants.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, even the smallest changes to your thermostat settings can help you save on your energy bills. If you’re ready to put these tips into practice and upgrade to a programmable thermostat or ductless cooling and heating system, HomeWorks is ready to help. Contact us online today or call us at (651) 300-4415 to learn more.

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