Why It’s Important To Perform Maintenance on Your Plumbing Systems

When was the last time you had plumbing maintenance? Like all things in your home, your plumbing needs some TLC every now and then, too. As a homeowner, it is crucial to take care of your plumbing system because it can save you money and potential water damage in the future. Continue reading to learn WHY regular maintenance visits are important for your home.

Protection From Undetected Leaks

Performing regular maintenance on your plumbing system can save your home and wallet. Leaks can be costly and can severely damage your home when left unmaintained. When you call our HomeWorks team out to perform maintenance on your home, we will detect these crucial issues before they damage walls, flooring, or your valued furniture.

Ensures Zero Clogs

Are you experiencing foul odors, slow drainage, or water back-ups? Sounds like you may have a drain clog! When you schedule regular maintenance visits, our team will keep your pipes FLOWING so you do not experience frequent clogs. Leaving clogs unattended can damage your pipes or result in a costly repair. Stay up to date on your plumbing services to avoid this common drain issue!

Keeps Your Water Heater Running Smoothly

In order to function properly, your water heater must be maintained at least twice per year. This ensures that your system can heat water as it should and can extend its useful life. Most manufacturers require at least two tune-ups per year to stay within your warranty. If you haven’t booked your water heater tune-up, NOW is the time.

Update Old Fixtures

Did you know old plumbing fixtures can actually COST you? Old, leaky faucets or outdated toilets do not operate as efficiently as newer fixtures and can actually waste water. If your fixtures are over 10 years old, it is best to replace them to ensure you are not wasting any dollars when it comes time for plumbing maintenance.

Are you overdue for plumbing service? Contact our team today and we will make sure your plumbing WORKS! Right now, our HomeWorks team has a few GREAT plumbing offers that will help you save on your next service. Check out our offers or call (651) 300-4415 to schedule an appointment.

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