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Water Heater FAQ

Answers from the St. Paul Water Heater Experts!

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive regarding water heaters and tankless water heaters from customers in the Twin Cities area!

Do Tankless Water Heaters Work in Minnesota?

Yes. The rumor that tankless water heaters simply don’t work in Minnesota winters is because some people may not get the right tankless water heater for the climate. This can happen when you hire a plumber or water heater installer who simply doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to know what brands and models of heaters are ideal for our particularly frigid winters.

When you trust the experts at HomeWorks, we’ll work with you to choose the perfect water heater for your home. We’ll make sure that it can output enough water to meet your needs and are compatible with your existing systems. And every system we install is designed specifically with Minnesota water temperatures in mind.

Is Maintenance Expensive for Tankless Water Heaters?

Not at all. The water heater units we install do not need regular flushing. For some units, you need to regularly flush the unit (a once per year service) in order to ensure it lasts. Our carefully-selected systems are designed to avoid this maintenance requirement, and we’ve worked extremely carefully with manufacturers to ensure this is the case. At most, your heater will need to be inspected every year or two to ensure that it’s still running smoothly and all connections are in good condition.

Is My Gas Line Going to Be a Problem?

Some companies will tell you that there’s a good chance you’ll have to upgrade your existing gas line in order to feed your tankless water heater with enough gas to work properly. This isn’t the case with our units. Our St. Paul water heater experts have found that the overwhelming majority of homes we service have a perfectly adequate supply of gas to their water heater as-is. It’s actually exceedingly rare to have to upgrade any part of your gas line to accommodate a tankless water heater. How do we do this? We primarily use tankless water heaters which are designed to work with older homes, which often have significantly smaller gas supply lines.

How Long Does a Tankless Installation Take?

Installing a tankless water heater takes only slightly longer than a traditional tank style water heater, assuming that your existing gas, drain, and water lines are satisfactory (which the majority of the homes we service are). Generally, the entire installation can be completed in as little as three to four hours and you should be able to enjoy an endless supply of hot water the same day the job begins.

Do I Need a Permit to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Yes. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul require you to get a plumbing permit to install any water heater, including replacing an existing unit. Our plumbing experts can take care of this for you—as licensed contractors, we’re allowed to apply for these permits online through an expedited process which ensures the permits come through before the job begins so you have nothing to worry about.

The cost of the permit is generally included in the final total for your water heater installation service.

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