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Woodbury Plumbing & HVAC Services

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Quality AC Services in Woodbury, MN

During the peak of summer, temperatures can climb quite high in the Woodbury area, so it is a good idea to make sure your air conditioning system can handle it. At HomeWorks we can provide the care and service your AC needs to keep you cool all summer long.

Our air conditioning services include:

AC repair: When your air conditioner breaks down or simply cannot keep up with the heat, call our AC experts at HomeWorks. We offer same-day service in Woodbury and beyond, and we have the skills necessary to find and solve your air conditioning problems quickly.

AC installation & replacement: Is it time for a new air conditioner?. If your system is 12 to 15 years old and has become unreliable or inefficient, it may be time for an AC replacement. We can help you choose a high-performance, energy-efficient system, and we can provide a professional AC installation.

AC tune-ups & maintenance: Keeping up with routine maintenance is the best way to preserve the performance of your air conditioner and extend its service life. At HomeWorks, we offer full AC maintenance and tune-up services, as well as our cost-effective maintenance program, “The Works Plan,” that offers a host of great benefits.

For professional AC services in Woodbury, MN, feel free to call our team at (651) 401-9998 or schedule service online!

Expert Plumbing Services in Washington County

Plumbing problems have the potential to inflict enormous damage in your Woodbury home, so it is important to call a professional as soon as you notice something wrong. At HomeWorks, our expert plumbers will respond quickly and offer the most cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Our plumbing services in Washington County include:

Drain cleaning: Clogged drains can be quite frustrating, especially if they happen often. With our drain cleaning services at HomeWorks, we can remove stubborn clogs and determine if there is a greater underlying issue. We are available 24/7 for help with all your drain and sewer problems.

Fixture repair & replacement: Are you having problems with a plumbing fixture like a sink, bathtub, or toilet? At HomeWorks we offer full fixture repair and replacement services, and we can help you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Sewer services: Clogged or damaged sewer lines can create an unhealthy mess, so it is important to call a professional at the first sign of trouble. At HomeWorks, we can help you with all your sewer problems and we offer full sewer cleaning, repair, and replacement services.

Pipe installation & repair: Do you have a plumbing leak or a damaged pipe? Call HomeWorks today for full pipe installation, repair, and replacement services. Our expert plumbers are licensed and equipped to install gas, water, drain, and sewer pipes, providing clean, professional installations every time.

Sump pump installation & repair: If your basement has moisture problems or floods during heavy storms, a sump pump may be a wise investment. At HomeWorks, we offer sump pump installations, repairs, and replacements to help keep your basement dry.

Water heaters: When your water heater breaks down, it can be an inconvenience for everyone in your home. Get it repaired fast with water heater services from our plumbing experts at HomeWorks. We service both standard and tankless water heaters, and we offer complete maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

When you need an expert plumber for a problem in your Woodbury home, turn to our team at HomeWorks. Call (651) 401-9998 or contact us online for plumbing services today!


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“Thorough, professional, and really nice!! Chris did a great job. I love my HomeWorks Service!”
Linda S.
“We had a home emergency, so our appointment was not requested until the morning of our issue. Jeremy showed up on time, was very courteous, & knew his stuff.”
Robert M.
“Whenever we have used HomeWorks it has been such a great process from start to finish. They are kind & considerate & not overly sales-y.”
Ashley K.
“Chris did a great job. He is courteous, professional & he gives excellent customer service. Master Plumber Josh E. is highly recommended as well.”
Pam M.
“Michael saved us hundreds of dollars when the problem found during an inspection was a loose connection on a valve rather than replacing the whole valve.”
William B.
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