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HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Services in Dellwood, MN

Dellwood has the best of both worlds: The comforts of suburban living and the big-city amenities of St. Paul.

In Dellwood, the median year for building houses is 1980, meaning half our homes were built before 1980 and half were built later.

If your home is in the older half of that range and has its original HVAC system, you’re due for replacement. But even new homes can have plumbing or HVAC issues. That’s why HomeWorks is always open.

Call 651-273-2450 or contact HomeWorks for same-day or emergency HVAC or plumbing service.

Heating Systems Services for Dellwood and Washington County, MN

Our winters are extreme. Whether your furnace is gas or electric, you need it to provide many years of trouble-free service. HomeWorks services all types of residential furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and HVAC systems.

Your furnace or boiler’s life span depends on its age and how well it’s been maintained.

HomeWorks heating services include:

If your heating system is more than 10 years old, you need to consider an energy-efficient furnace replacement. But if you’ve already had more than one repair, a heating system replacement is more cost-effective.

Your HomeWorks professional will diagnose and repair your heating system quickly and effectively. We guarantee our work.

Call 651-273-2450 or contact HomeWorks to learn more.

Air Conditioning Service for Dellwood, MN

Air conditioning systems should be serviced every spring to prepare for our long summers.

HomeWorks AC services include:

Many homeowners ask if they can DIY HVAC maintenance. The answer is yes, for some tasks:

  • Clean the area around the outside condenser unit.
  • Clean your home’s registers every 30-60 days.
  • Inspect/replace HVAC air filters every 30-90 days.
  • Keep your interior HVAC area clean and dust-free.
  • Use ceiling fans to enhance air circulation.

Don’t let money prevent you from having safe, clean, and comfortable air delivery. Ask us about flexible financing.

Call 651-273-2450 or contact HomeWorks for free heating and cooling cost estimates.

Same-Day Plumbing Services in Dellwood, MN

One of the reasons we recommend annual plumbing maintenance is because your plumbing pipes are hidden behind walls, ceilings, and beneath the flooring. Plumbing problems can cause extensive damage before you know it.

HomeWorks plumbing professionals understand that most plumbing problems feel like an emergency, and we know very few plumbing companies can offer same-day service. We’ll send a first responder to assess your situation and its severity within hours. We’ll make repairs as soon as possible.

HomeWorks plumbing services include:

Plumbing problems are always stressful and seldom occur between 9 and 5. Your Dellwood plumber should be available 24/7. Your family’s health can be at risk due to plumbing and sewer problems.

Call 651-273-2450 or contact HomeWorks for 24/7, same-day plumbing service.

Electrical Services in Dellwood

HomeWorks now proudly offers a complete selection of electrical services to Dellwood residents.

When you’re dealing with an outage, need a panel upgrade, or are ready for an inspection for safety and home value upkeep, call HomeWorks to enjoy the same quality of service we’ve always delivered for HVAC and plumbing.

Our electrical services include:

Emergency Electrical Services

When you have an electrical emergency, you can’t afford to wait for a solution; no one wants to sit in the dark for hours, miss a project deadline, or endure a sweltering summer day without AC if they don’t have to. Fortunately, you can count on our electricians to be there any time you need us: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Electrical Repair

Noticed a flickering light, a frequently tripped breaker, or an outlet that doesn’t work consistently? Don’t let these minor problems develop into bigger ones or irritate you for a moment longer than necessary. The electrical team at HomeWorks will be there in no time to assess your situation and identify the cause.

Once we know what the problem is, we’ll work with you to determine a course of action and resolve it in no time.

Electrical Installations

Need something new installed into your electrical system? You can count on the HomeWorks team for all the electrical equipment your home relies on for comfort and convenience. We can do it all with electrical installation services, including:

Electrical Inspections

It’s easy for homeowners to overlook the importance of keeping your electrical system in good, safe working order. Turn to HomeWorks for thorough inspections of your home. Proper electrical maintenance can improve safety, reduce the likelihood of expensive damage and repairs, and minimize electrical waste and the associated cost.

We’ll also ensure everything in your home meets code to help maintain your home’s value and safety in the years ahead.

Ready to learn more about HomeWorks’ electrical services in Dellwood?

Contact us or call 651-273-2450 to schedule a visit or request information today.


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how we deliver the works!
icon1 Licensed and BBB Accredited
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icon1 Highly Trained Technicians
icon1 Financing Options
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