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Arden Hills Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Services

Plumbing Services in Arden Hills

Even new homes experience plumbing glitches — pipes clog, fixtures break, and leaks occur. The longer you ignore small problems, the more catastrophic they become. At their worst, these minor issues can turn into black mold, cracked foundations, and burst water heaters.

HomeWorks has the skills to diagnose and resolve problems big and small. Our 24/7 plumbing pros will find a quick, lasting fix that fits your budget.

Our Arden Hills plumbing services include:

  • Drain cleaning: Drain blockages aren’t always easy to diagnose and cure, but you can prevent them. Regular maintenance and cleaning have a powerful impact on your drains’ long-term health.
  • Fixture repair & replacement: Whether you’re dealing with a dripping toilet or a leaking faucet, you can count on us for an effective repair or installation.
  • Sewer line repair: Ignored wastewater backups soon become crises. HomeWorks is on hand all day, every day, so we’ll make swift work of sewer chaos.
  • Pipe installation & repair: If you leave leaks long enough, they can cause untold destruction to your architecture and interior furnishings. With HomeWorks, you’re assured of a lasting repair. We’ll also take care of your pipe installations and replacements.
  • Sump pump installation & repair: Sump pumps detect escalating pressure and rising water levels. They can move water away from important structures in the event of a leak. We install and repair this crucial equipment.
  • Water heater installation & repair: You can’t maintain your personal or household hygiene if your water heater malfunctions. We’ll restore your equipment in no time. We’re skilled at servicing and installing tankless and traditional water heaters.

If plumbing woes are getting you down, call HomeWorks at 651-273-2450.

Furnace, Boiler & Heat Pump Services in Arden Hills

Arden Hills’ heavy rains and cold temperatures demand a powerful heating solution. We can advise you on the best furnace, boiler, and heat pump solutions for Arden Hills’ unique climate and your budget. We’ll also keep your existing equipment functioning as its manufacturer intended.

HomeWorks’ heating services include:

  • Heating repairs: Our team is trained to work with the latest HVAC and diagnostic equipment. They’ll pinpoint the problem accurately and come up with a cost-effective set of solutions.
  • Heating replacement: A typical heating system has a life span of 12 to 15 years. You can tell you need a replacement by the frequency of your repairs. Recurrent problems are a sign that you probably need an upgrade. HomeWorks will guide you through your options and handle your installation.
  • Heating tune-ups & maintenance: No HVAC equipment can function at its peak without regular preventive maintenance. Regular services can even improve your unit’s life span. HomeWorks will tune up your system so that it remains energy-efficient, reliable, and effective.

If your HVAC system is experiencing low airflow, frequent cycles, bad odors, and odd sounds, it needs attention. Rattling, indoor humidity, and an inaccurate thermostat are often easy to fix, but if you need a replacement, we’ll make sure it suits your pocket.

Air Conditioning Services in Arden Hills

Though Minnesota’s summers aren’t as famously harsh as our winters, you still need reliable cooling when the dog days hit. HomeWorks will help you keep your AC unit in good repair or help you choose a new unit when necessary.

  • Air conditioning repairs: A home with proper air conditioning will feel cool, fresh, and clean. If yours feels muggy, smelly, and warm, your AC unit needs some attention. Our techs will diagnose the problem and recommend a repair strategy.
  • Air conditioning replacement: If repairs have become too frequent or your unit is on its last legs, it’s time to plan to replace your AC. The HomeWorks team can advise you on the right size unit for your needs.
  • Air conditioning tune-ups & maintenance: Like any complex system, your air conditioner needs a checkup from time to time. Annual tune-ups make sure everything is in working order, and they often catch small problems before they become big ones. By keeping up with maintenance, you can keep your AC unit running for the long haul.

Electrical Services in Arden Hills

HomeWorks now proudly offers a complete selection of electrical services to Arden Hills residents.

When you’re dealing with an outage, need a panel upgrade, or are ready for an inspection for safety and home value upkeep, call HomeWorks to enjoy the same quality of service we’ve always delivered for HVAC and plumbing.

Our electrical services include:

Emergency Electrical Services

When you have an electrical emergency, you can’t afford to wait for a solution; no one wants to sit in the dark for hours, miss a project deadline, or endure a sweltering summer day without AC if they don’t have to. Fortunately, you can count on our electricians to be there any time you need us: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Electrical Repair

Noticed a flickering light, a frequently tripped breaker, or an outlet that doesn’t work consistently? Don’t let these minor problems develop into bigger ones or irritate you for a moment longer than necessary. The electrical team at HomeWorks will be there in no time to assess your situation and identify the cause.

Once we know what the problem is, we’ll work with you to determine a course of action and resolve it in no time.

Electrical Installations

Need something new installed into your electrical system? You can count on the HomeWorks team for all the electrical equipment your home relies on for comfort and convenience. We can do it all with electrical installation services, including:

Electrical Inspections

It’s easy for homeowners to overlook the importance of keeping your electrical system in good, safe working order. Turn to HomeWorks for thorough inspections of your home. Proper electrical maintenance can improve safety, reduce the likelihood of expensive damage and repairs, and minimize electrical waste and the associated cost.

We’ll also ensure everything in your home meets code to help maintain your home’s value and safety in the years ahead.

Ready to learn more about HomeWorks’ electrical services in Arden Hills?

Contact us or call 651-273-2450 to schedule a visit or request information today.

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Arden Hills’ extreme temperature shifts can wreak havoc on your plumbing and HVAC systems. The area’s heavy rains and snow are just as destructive. HomeWorks employs a skilled team of experts who offer “the works.” We go beyond the call of duty all day, every day.

We put our technicians through tough training sessions for practical skills and service excellence. That way, we know we can provide an accurate diagnosis and long-term solutions.

Call HomeWorks at 651-273-2450 or schedule an appointment online.


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