Water Pressure Services in St. Paul

Low water pressure is frustrating, and if you’re dealing with it in your Twin Cities area home, there’s no need to endure it a moment longer! At HomeWorks, we have a team of experienced, licensed plumbers who can quickly get to the bottom of your low water pressure problem and make expert plumbing repairs.

Let the friendly, experienced plumbers at HomeWorks remedy your low water pressure and relieve the stress it’s causing you! Contact the Twin Cities plumbing experts at HomeWorks today!

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

If you’re wondering why you have a loss of water pressure in your St. Paul home, it may be due to one (or more) of these reasons:

  • Broken fixtures: You can try cleaning or replacing faucet aerators and scrubbing shower heads for a freer water flow. In some cases, we may recommend replacing the plumbing fixtures.
  • High water demand: If your family is using several plumbing fixtures at once, this demand can lower water pressure temporarily. You could try solving the problem by spreading out water-intensive activities. However, If you have consistently low water pressure or your water supply is interrupted, let our plumbers troubleshoot to see if re-piping your plumbing system is the best solution.
  • Water pressure regulator: The regulator should maintain your home’s water pressure at a consistent level. Our plumbers can check the regulator and replace it if necessary.
  • Pipe blockage: Clogged drains or plumbing pipes can limit the flow of water through the plumbing system. Let us inspect your system and clean your drains if necessary.
  • Closed Valves: You can check the water shut-off valves in your home to see if they need to be open further. If this doesn’t help, our plumbing technicians can inspect your valves and plumbing system to diagnose and fix your low water pressure issue.
  • Rusted Pipes: Accumulated rust or corrosion can lead to pipe leaks or clogs, reducing your water pressure. We can pinpoint the problem and make repairs, or replace small pipe sections to increase your water pressure to normal again.

If you’re dealing with low water pressure in your Minneapolis-area home, let our skilled plumbers find the root of the problem! Contact HomeWorks for quick, efficient, and affordable solutions to your water pressure problems today!

Our Water Pressure Services in the Twin Cities Area

At HomeWorks, we perform a variety of repairs to solve water pressure problems, including:

  • Replacing faulty flow restrictors in your kitchen sink aerators, bath faucets, and/or showerheads
  • Replacing clogged water filters
  • Test for restricted flow in flexible water lines or appliance hoses
  • Replace faulty pressure relief valves
  • Locate and repair loose pipe connections
  • Fix or replace cracked pipes or pipe leaks in your plumbing system
  • And more

If low water pressure has you under pressure, contact our experienced, licensed plumbers in St Paul. Contact HomeWorks today!

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As we’ve explained, there are many issues that can cause low water pressure in your Twin Cities home. You can trust our friendly, experienced plumbers to find the cause, or causes, and make proper repairs to restore your water pressure.

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