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Furnace Replacement in St. Paul, MN

Warm Up with New Furnace Installation by HomeWorks!

The truth is that even well-maintained furnaces only last 10-15 years, and sometimes a simple repair won’t cut it. Eventually, you will need to upgrade to a new model—and that’s where we come in. HomeWorks offers a range of options to suit various properties, all designed for higher performance and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to help you to get brand-new, top-of-the-line equipment at a reasonable price! Whether you need to replace your current unit or need to install a new one for the first time, our technicians have the tools, training and experience to get the job done. Call today to learn more about product options, and schedule an appointment before the winter temperatures set in this year.

By installing a new furnace with HomeWorks, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Greater reliability

For more information about furnace replacement in St. Paul, dial 651-273-2450 now.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Furnace?

If your furnace is under 10 years old, and its performance is starting to suffer, it may just need repairs rather than a full-on replacement. You should also check the manufacturer warranty, to see how long you are covered for. That said, there comes a point where it’s just more cost-effective to replace your furnace than to keep paying for repairs.

Luckily, when you call our heating experts for St. Paul furnace installation, we’ll make sure you get the ideal option for your property. Offering industry-leading models from reliable brands, our technicians are committed to ensuring you find a unit that will keep your home comfortable for years to come.

You may want to consider replacing your furnace if:

  • Your furnace is over 10-15 years old or older
  • Your furnace requires frequent repairs
  • Your furnace consistently fails to keep your house warm
  • Your heating bills keep going up while your furnace’s performance keeps going down
  • The price of repairing your furnace is greater than half the cost of replacing it altogether

What Is a Good Efficiency Rating for a Furnace?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a new furnace is its energy efficiency. Because efficient furnaces use less energy to heat your home, you reap the benefits of more consistent comfort with the lower overall cost of operation. If your furnace is on its last legs and it’s time to look into a replacement, be sure to ask your furnace replacement technician about the many energy-efficient furnace options available on the market.

Gas furnace efficiency is measured by an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, or AFUE. This rating is given as a percentage and refers to the amount of fuel (natural gas) it takes to keep your space warm. For example, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 80% means that 20% of the fuel your furnace uses is essentially wasted. The most efficient furnaces available today have AFUE ratings of between 90 and 98%.

Call the Furnace Installation Experts at HomeWorks Today!

As a full-service HVAC company, HomeWorks is proud to offer all the heating system services you need. In addition to helping you find the perfect furnace, we offer tune-ups to keep your unit running at peak performance for as long as possible. We also offer specials and financing options, so you can get the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Contact us now for same-day service, or request an emergency appointment 24/7!

To speak to a St. Paul furnace replacement expert, call us or click here to send us a message online.


Some of the frequently asked questions we receive about furnace replacement in St. Paul, MN include:

Can an old furnace make you sick?

A well-maintained furnace shouldn’t make you sick, regardless of age, but if your furnace is old and is severely overdue for a tune-up, it could have years of dust and dirt in its nooks and crannies. That can take a toll on anyone who spends a lot of time in your home. Most furnaces recirculate indoor air, so any bacteria and airborne pollutants in your system can move throughout your home.

Signs your furnace is making you or your loved ones (including pets) sick are:

  • Allergy symptoms (itchy eyes/runny nose)
  • Breathing problems
  • Headaches
  • Skin irritations

We recommend CO (carbon monoxide) detectors for all our friends and neighbors (like you) with gas furnaces. If you have regular furnace maintenance, IAQ (indoor air quality) may not be an issue. We also recommend ductless systems for older homes.

Can I replace my furnace myself?

DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) can do a lot of good, but the best DIYers know when to call a professional. You should never attempt gas or electric furnace installation. Not only is it not worth the risk, but if damages resulted later, your insurance company could deny coverage if your heating and cooling system wasn’t professionally installed.

How do you know if your furnace is dying?

Watch for the signs you need a furnace replacement:

  • Age (at around 10-15 years, evaluate your furnace’s health carefully)
  • Fails to keep house warm
  • Frequent repairs/service calls
  • Heating bills keep going up
  • Repairing your furnace will cost more than half the replacement cost

How many years does a furnace usually last?

Heating systems last between 15-25 years. The type of heating system and the fuel make a difference. The best way to keep your HVAC unit working efficiently for the longest possible duration is by:

  • Changing the filters
  • Keeping the unit clean and free from debris
  • Scheduling professional maintenance

How much does it cost to replace a furnace?

The 2020 national average for a furnace repair is $295, but you can avoid repair costs with biannual maintenance. Installing a central heating system for a new-build installation or house renovation costs $10,000-$20,000+, depending on:

  • Complexity (the number of vents or zones, etc.)
  • House square footage
  • Type of unit (high-efficiency gas furnaces cost $500-$1,500 more than standard models)

Enter your ZIP code in HomeAdvisor’s furnace repair calculator for an estimate for your area of Minnesota.

We offer free cost estimates on furnace replacements. Your HomeWorks professional will tell you about how much more “mileage” you’ll get out of your heating system. And when it’s time for a furnace replacement, you can depend on us for quality, guaranteed work at affordable pricing. Call 651-273-2450 or contact HomeWorks to learn more.

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