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Electrical Installation Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

There are many household tasks you can do yourself to save money and enjoy a sense of satisfaction. However, electrical installations, no matter how small, are never good to DIY.

When working with electricity, you need a licensed, professional electrician who knows how to stay safe and properly wire everything so your home, electronics, and loved ones stay safe.

When you need expert electrical installations, ask for the best by contacting HomeWorks. We stay up to date with the latest industry advancements and work hard to guarantee your satisfaction.

Call 651-273-2450 or contact us online today.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement

Ceiling fans are primarily functional, but they’re also decorative, which means ceiling fan installation should be seamless in every way. HomeWorks will approach your ceiling fan replacement or installation with our usual careful planning and meticulous follow-through.

Ceiling fans use much less energy than air conditioners. Fans blow body heat away from your skin and move cool air around the room, so you feel cooler with your thermostat set higher. This will bring you big savings on your summer power bill.

Outlet Installation & Replacement

If you live in an older home, your outlets may not be up to current building codes. Although you might prefer to put outlet replacement on hold until you plan to sell, you shouldn’t take the risk. Bad wiring can overload your breakers, burn out electronics, and even cause house fires.

Another reason to consider outlet installation is for daily convenience. Many homes don’t have enough outlets, or the outlets aren’t in the right place for your computer, hair dryer, or coffee maker. You might use a lot of extension cords and power strips to make up for it. Installing new outlets will bring more ease to your daily routines.

You can also install tamper-resistant outlets, outlets with twist locks to keep things plugged in, remote-controlled outlets, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation

There are many reasons for new lighting installation, from the practical to the aesthetic. You may want brighter lights in a kitchen or craft room to reduce eye strain — and accidents. You might want recessed lighting in a room currently lit only by lamps.

A few other reasons for new lighting installation are:

  • Outdoor lighting, including motion sensor lights, improves home security.
  • Specialized lighting can complement artwork or collectibles.
  • Updated lighting can improve energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Smart lighting installation.

Surge Protector Installation

Most people have used a power strip with surge protection, but you might not realize a whole-house surge protector can be hard-wired into your home’s electrical system.

Also known as “surge arresters,” whole-home surge protectors safely redirect excess electrical voltage, protecting your electrical system, fixtures, and appliances from the irreparable damage of a surge generated by damaged power lines or a lightning storm.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel is your home’s circulatory system, pumping electricity through the rooms and into whatever electronics and appliances are plugged in. Electrical panels are designed to last for decades, but they eventually wear out.

Older electrical panels weren’t designed to be energy-efficient, and many energy-saving advancements only came along recently. Upgrading to a new, safer electrical panel is an investment but will save quite a bit on energy costs.

You may also be forced into an electrical panel upgrade. Here are some signs you need a new electrical panel installation:

  • Your circuit breakers often trip/fail.
  • Your fuses blow more than they should.
  • Your lights frequently dim.
  • The electrical panel is warm to the touch.
  • Turning on the dishwasher or AC makes your lights flicker.

Switch & Dimmer Switch Installation

You may want to install new light switches or dimmer switches because you’re remodeling your home or because you want the perks of modern switches. You might also be facing a required light switch replacement because your old switches are worn out.

Here are some signs you may need new light switch installation:

  • High energy costs
  • Flickering lights
  • The lights don’t immediately turn on when you flip the switch
  • The switch makes a humming sound
  • Discoloration or a burning smell

We handle all kinds of light switch installations, including:

  • Toggle switches
  • Dimmer switch installation
  • Push-button switches
  • Motion-activated switches
  • Smart switches

Why Hire HomeWorks for Your Electrical Installation?

HomeWorks will complete your electrical installation with expert work and high-quality materials. In addition to the personalized care our customers love, we:

  • Are always there when you need us
  • Give you the price before we start work
  • Provide financing options to save you money
  • Guarantee your complete satisfaction

Call HomeWorks at 651-273-2450 or contact us online today.


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how we deliver the works!
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