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Ductless/Mini Split AC Systems in St. Paul

Long-Term Air Conditioning Solutions in the Twin Cities Area

A mini split AC system consists of a condenser and an air handler. The condenser sits outside, while the air handler pushes warm or cool air into the space it occupies. For larger rooms, more than one air handler may be necessary. These appliances can maximize the performance of your cooling or heating systems.

At HomeWorks, we believe that you deserve more out of your air conditioning unit. We are focused on delivering long-term solutions that increase your comfort and convenience. When you call our team, we will do our best to schedule same-day service.

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Why Should You Choose a Ductless/Mini Split AC System?

Ductless mini split AC systems are:

  • Energy efficient: Up to 30% of space conditioning energy is lost in the air ducts. With no ducts, this unit increases overall performance.
  • Quiet: The condenser is outside, so you won’t be annoyed by the sound of your unit. Most systems are quieter than a standard fan.
  • Affordable: In many cases, a ductless A/C system can save you money on your energy bill and installation.
  • Secure: The unit fits securely outside the home, reducing your need to leave a window open.
  • Sleek: The air handlers can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling almost anywhere in the zone you are targeting. This allows flexibility with interior design.
  • Easy to install: Unlike cumbersome traditional cooling units, ductless A/C systems come with simple hookups.
  • Convenient: Most mini split A/C systems can be controlled with a remote.

Check out our blog to find out how a ductless A/C system works as well as answers to other common questions about mini-split systems!

100% Satisfaction for AC Installation & Repair

If you are interested in a ductless/mini split system, or if you are experiencing problems with your unit, give HomeWorks a call. Our friendly technicians are trained to go the extra mile for you. We won’t stop until you are satisfied. During your free consultation, we can help you pick out a system that works best for your home. We will give you the price up front - no surprises.

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