Daikin Ductless AC

Call HomeWorks to Experience the Ductless Difference

Thinking about upgrading to a ductless AC system? You’re in luck! HomeWorks installs Daikin Ductless AC units that offer multiple advantages. Call our St. Paul ductless AC technicians for available financing and specials, and discover why customers across the Twin Cities can’s stop talking about HomeWorks for yourself!

Why Make the Switch to a Daikin Ductless AC System?

Just like most ductless AC equipment, Daikin’s ductless AC systems are comprised of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit extracts warm air in your home and blows it over cold evaporator coils. The refrigerant in the coils absorbs the heat from the air, pumping cool air through your home and pulling the warm air through the outdoor unit.

What separates Daikin from other ductless AC options is that they are fairly new to the U.S. market. However, Daikin has been an industry-leader in air conditioning across the globe for 90 years. Today, HomeWorks is proud to offer the latest, energy-efficient ductless AC options from Daikin right here in St. Paul.

By installing a Daikin ductless AC system in your home, you can:

  • Upgrade your old AC system: Daikin ductless AC units allow you to enjoy quieter, more energy-efficient cooling relief than you would get with traditional air conditioning systems
  • Get proper cooling without ductwork: Because they don’t rely on ducts, our Daikin systems are the perfect option for older homes that have struggled to find the perfect HVAC system.
  • Easily install a new air conditioner: In addition to being a great option for retrofitting, Daikin’s ductless systems are much easier to install than traditional air conditioners, making them a great choice for newly constructed houses, too.
  • Provide greater comfort for add-ons: Even if you aren’t building an entirely new property, ductless AC systems are a cost-efficient cooling option for additions. You may be interested in a ductless system from Daikin if you are putting in a sun-room or patio, or remodeling any part of your house where you don’t want to install ductwork.
  • Decrease your energy costs: Our energy-efficient, ductless systems from Daikin may be able to help you cut your utility bills in half, all while enjoying comprehensive cooling relief.
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