How Turning Your System On Early Saves You Money


You’ve officially made it through the winter season! Now it’s time to take spring by storm and ensure your home has the comfort it needs. This means turning your A/C system on early to make sure it WORKS. Turning on your system now will ensure you won’t have to worry about mid-summer breakdowns during peak season. By being a proactive homeowner, you can prioritize your comfort and remedy any issues before they become a costly problem. If you fail to maintain your system and neglect it this spring, it could cost you in a BIG way! Our HomeWorks team has detailed just how turning on your system can save you in the long run.

Utility Bills

The first area to be affected by neglecting your system is your utility bills. By regularly maintaining your system you are ensuring it works at max efficiency, which saves you money. When your system fails to perform efficiently, it will work harder to keep you cool. As a result, you will see this overwork affect your monthly bills. The Minnesota Energy Resources recently predicted that homeowners may see a rise in their monthly bills of as much as $44 compared to the year before. Some homeowners even saw their utility bills double this year and experts don’t expect a decrease in cost anytime soon. Meaning on average, a Minnesota homeowner may be paying between $175-$200 monthly. That is why it is extremely important to schedule a yearly maintenance visit because it could save you about 15% on your monthly bill.


Another area that you could save on by scheduling a yearly maintenance visit is A/C repairs. Tune-ups allow experts to catch minor issues before they become costly repairs. Right now, the national average for HVAC repairs sits right around $293. That’s a good chunk of change that could be saved if maintenance is performed. No one wants to spend money on an unexpected repair and one way to make sure of that is by turning on your system now to catch any issues!.

New System Install

Last but certainly not least, turning on your system now you can ensure it WORKS. By being proactive and regularly maintaining your system, you can increase its useful life. Meaning you will not have to replace it prematurely. A new system can cost on average about $5,550. By ensuring you are scheduling a yearly visit from our HomeWorks team, you can increase the lifespan of your system and not have to replace your system before you need to and, in turn, save you the investment cost.

To recap, by turning on your system now, you can save on average:

  • 15% on average bills, roughly $30 a month or $360 a year
  • $300 on an A/C repair
  • $5,550 on a whole new A/C system

Due to Minnesota’s rise in utility cost, it is more important than ever to turn your system on now and ensure your home has the comfort it needs this summer. Be proactive in 2022 and make sure your systems WORKS.

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