How To Know If A Ductless System Is Right For You!

Ductless systems are ideal solutions for a variety of situations. Whether your home is older, you are adding on, or the layout of your home doesn’t work well with the central air conditioning system already in place, ductless could WORK for you! Our HomeWorks team is a leading provider of ductless systems in the Twin Cities area and we are ready to deliver more comfort to your home with one of these systems. Find out if your home is a candidate for a ductless system today!

Absence of Ductwork

Is your old home without ductwork? Older homes without central air conditioning systems make it difficult to install an entirely new system. It can cause A LOT of mess and headache to rip apart your home to install ductwork and the cost can really add up. Older Minnesota homes are the prime candidates for ductless systems. Not only do they save you the mess, but it is more cost effective to invest in a ductless system.

Home Addition

If you recently added on to your home or perhaps finished off your basement or attic, a ductless system will save your existing system the effort of heating and cooling the additional square footage it wasn’t intended for. You can quickly and easily install a ductless system to that added on space since there are no ducts to retrofit. This will also allow you to individually control the cooling or heating of this specific room!


Depending on the layout of your home, it may not perform well with central air conditioning, resulting in uneven indoor temperatures. Ductless systems can easily be installed in specific rooms or areas of the home to cool or heat. This will allow you to create independent temperatures in different rooms or areas in your home.

If you think a ductless system will make your home WORK better for you and your loved ones, give our team a call! Our HomeWorks team is dedicated to going the extra mile to provide comfort for our customers. Call our team today at (651) 300-4415 to schedule an appointment.

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