5 Quick Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For The Winter

technician performing furnace repair

School is back in session, leaves are falling, and it’s the season of pumpkin spice. You know what that means … it’s time to TURN ON your furnace! Check out these five quick tips to get your system ready to brace the winter weather.

1. Turn On Your Thermostat

Turning on your thermostat a few degrees higher than your current room temperature will allow you to hear if your system’s heat kicks on or not. If you don’t hear your system kick on after a few minutes it is best to pull off the cover, if you feel comfortable, to make sure all the connections are secure. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or if your system isn’t kicking on – it’s time to call a professional!

2. Change The Air Filters

Changing your furnace’s filters every few months is best for the health and efficiency of your system, and for the indoor air quality of your home. If you have a permanent electrostatic filter, you can wash and reuse it! When you are changing them out, you might as well change the humidifier filter and set the humidistat if your system includes one!

3. Clean The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger within your furnace should be brushed and vacuumed out annually while the unit is disabled by a trained professional. While it is being cleaned, a professional will look for cracks that can lead to a dangerous, even deadly, carbon monoxide leak in your home.

4. Lubricate and Clean The Blower Motor

First, check to see if your system’s motor needs lubricating. If it does, call a professional technician to ensure the power is off and they will open the cover and clean the caps covering the bearings. Next, your technician will remove the caps and lubricate the bearings.

5. Replace The Nozzle and Filter of Oil Powered Furnaces

Unlike gas-fired systems, oil-powered furnaces require oil filter changes, burner nozzle cleanings, and a very thorough heat-exchanger brushing to remain running efficiently due to the way oil burns.

If you are thinking about TURNING IT ON EARLY … make sure you follow these quick tips to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating system! Give our HomeWorks team a call at (651) 300-4415  to schedule your furnace tune-up. Let our team give your home the WORKS this fall so it is running at peak performance!

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