Why A Ductless System Is Essential For Your Minnesota Home

Are you struggling to find comfort in your Minnesota home? Here at HomeWorks, your Twin Cities Ductless Experts, we have the perfect solution just for you. Ductless systems are perfect for homes that need more comfort, those building on an addition to their current home, or a homeowner looking to finish their garage. With a ductless system, you can achieve your DESIRED level of comfort from any room in your home. Read below to learn why a ductless system is ESSENTIAL for your Minnesota home.

No Mess!

When it comes to your Minnesota home, the LAST thing you want to do is gut your entire home just to install ductwork. Ductless is simply just that, no hassle, and no ducts! That way, you can keep the charm of your home without having to worry about any demo work. With our HomeWorks team, we make this installation process seamless and it can all be done in just one day!

Sleek & Stylish Design

We understand that you may not want a bulky system in your home, but luckily with a ductless system, they are sleek and blend right into your home’s interior. They are silent and compact, allowing for them to camouflage right into your wall. This means you no longer have to haul out your clunky window A/C unit.

Easy To Maintain

While ductless systems are different from traditional heating & cooling systems, they do still require maintenance to ensure they are efficient and stay within your warranty. Luckily, this maintenance is relatively simple. You will still have to periodically change out your air filter and it’s a good idea to have the coils cleaned at least once a year.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems use less energy than your traditional heating & cooling systems. This is because ductless systems do not involve ductwork and they are smaller in size. This means your home will receive more comfort delivered to it for a fraction of the cost. Not only does a ductless system itself use less energy but you also have the option to turn off the system or raise the temperature if you are not using the room at that time – saving you even more!

Ready to upgrade your home? Give us a call today! Our HomeWorks team is ready to install a brand new ductless system for your home today! Give us a call at (651) 300-4415

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