Ductless Vs. HVAC Systems: Which One Is Better For Your Minnesota Home?

Are you looking to replace your home’s comfort system? Here at HomeWorks, we know this can be a difficult decision and that is why we are breaking down the difference between both ductless and traditional HVAC systems so you can make an informed and educated decision regarding your home. Read below to learn which system will best suit YOU and your needs!

Zoned Comfort

Unlike a traditional HVAC system, ductless systems provide more zoned cooling. This means they can focus their cooling efforts on specific areas of your home rather than cooling your entire home at once. This allows your entire family to be satisfied with the comfort in your home and no longer bickering over the thermostat.

Conclusion: If you are looking for controlled comfort, ductless is for YOU!

Lower Energy Bills

When you opt for a ductless system, you will incur lower energy bills in return. This is because traditional HVAC systems use ductwork to circulate airflow. Ductwork can lead to higher bills due to undetected leaks or poor circulation. Ductless systems have an indoor handling unit that allows the homeowner to receive cool air right then and there – no ductwork required!

Conclusion: Ductless systems result in lower energy bills due to not having ductwork.

Installation Costs

When it comes to installing a new comfort system, you will want to weigh the options – specifically when it comes to cost. Although a ductless system can be installed in one day, it is actually a larger investment up front. A traditional HVAC system may cost less upfront, but the process can take a few days and can be messy due to ductwork installation.

Conclusion: A ductless system costs more upfront but due to low energy bills, it is a better investment in the long run.

Home Renovation

When it comes to renovating your home, it is better to go ductless. This is because it is great at bringing comfort to a singular room and you do not have to worry about bringing ductwork to the new addition – costing you less money in home improvement costs.

Conclusion: Closing in a garage or adding on to your home? Go ductless.

Ready to upgrade your home’s comfort system? Call our HomeWorks team. We are ready to provide your home with same-day installation for your new ductless system. Just give us a call at (651) 300-4415

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